Tag Frame

Very excited to be finally sharing one of my now finished projects.

To start at the beginning, I had recently purchased a copy of Scrapbook Creations, only to find the most amazing tag frame, made by the very, very talented Jane Tregenza.

finshed photo

I thought it was such a gorgeous idea and that I really really wanted to make one. I started this tag frame when I was still in Darwin, using my wedding photos and loads and loads of gorgeous embellishments from handmade crochet flowers (which I made myself.. so proud), bling, beaded hat pins and alot of flowers. I couldn’t finish it as I needed the 50 x 50 frame from Ikea, as they are nice and deep and fit all the tags perfectly.

Here is my finished project and am so happy with how it has turned out and I really want to make another!

SAM_2523 image3


I recommend you give this project a go as you can use up all your paper scraps and for those people like me, you can use loads of embellishments and the more the better!

Hope you love it as much as I do.


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One Response to Tag Frame

  1. Diane says:

    Such a fabulous idea! Lots of work goes in to all those tags. Well done! Thanks for commenting on my blog too.

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